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Centare is committed to helping healthcare companies change how they think, work, and grow.

We have a long history of collaborations building software in the healthcare industry. We’ve partnered with companies of all sizes — from small startups and mid-sized companies to Fortune 500 companies — to create a health and fitness mobile application, a new provider registry for clinics and physicians in the state of Wisconsin, and a medical image capturing and data gathering application. We have savvy individuals with a diverse set of skills. Examples of our experience include HIPAA laws and compliance, data security, business intelligence, database management and analytics, to name a few.

Wisconsin Medical Society (WMS)

An interface as powerful and as flexible as direct database queries.

Wisconsin Medical Society (WMS) needed an analytic tool to interface with the Wisconsin Health Information Organization (WHIO) database. They had several analytic tools to work with the 4 TB database, however none of them went to the singular medical procedural level, and in turn the level of granularity needed was often only found after many hours and days of manual analysis by several on-site analysts. Centare crafted a custom analytic tool that, not only allowed for procedural level inquiries, but through the use of business rules and over 80 selectable criteria, created a “point and click” interface as powerful and as flexible as direct database queries done via code.

API Healthcare

Connecting all of the data outputs.

API Healthcare, a GE company, needed an application that could, on a daily basis take several different data outputs from multiple hospital ADT systems and put them all into a standard output readable by their in house BI System. This system turned work that took hours each day by 5 or more persons, down to minutes and now managed by 1 person. This time savings allowed for those individuals to do more value-added work for API, and to directly reach out to the various customers and help solve more complex, non-automated problems.

A Few of Our Healthcare Clients

WEA Trust
API Healthcare
Wisconsin Medical College