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Financial Intelligence and Analytics Solutions

We work to provide a competitive advantage and advance innovation for clients in the financial services industry. We understand the fast pace of the industry and our focus is on the strategic needs of the business in order to achieve long-term goals. Our team is comfortable with change and works efficiently using agile methodologies to deliver high quality results that foster growth and ROI for our clients.

Northwestern Mutual

High speed quality.

As competition and policyholder demand increased, Northwestern Mutual needed to improve the speed and reliability of their project delivery. Simple product team agility wasn’t enough, so they looked to us for help learning the principles of Continuous Delivery. Our industry experts walked them through their DevOps journey, helping with tool evaluation, best practices, and technical pathfinding. With our guidance, they were able to increase deployment frequency across dozens of applications from a matter of quarters to a matter of days, all while decreasing incident rates.


Improved long-term maintainability.

Zywave is a provider of software products for insurance brokers and financial planners. A Centare cross-functional product team was engaged to make enhancements, improve performance and modernize the BrokerageBuilder application. BrokerageBuilder (BKB) is the foundational product for Zywave and gives their customers a complete employee benefits insurance management system for efficient prospecting and servicing. Centare worked with Zywave for 8 months and completed three production releases which covered an improved user experience and new designs, significant performance improvements and application modernization for long-term maintainability. In addition to providing a skilled product development team, Centare taught a number of Agile workshops and training sessions to the in-house development teams at Zywave to work efficiently and productively.


Translating complex financial data into a beautiful interface.

GCM Grosvenor is one of the world’s largest and most diversified independent alternative asset management firms. They invest on behalf of clients in alternative investments handling more than $45 billion in assets. Centare partnered with Grosvenor to translate Public Market information for investment savvy clients into a portal combining reporting, analytics tools and document repository. The team efficiently and securely interacted with services and handled highly classified financial data in order to successfully summarize a 40 page PDF into an easily consumed web page with fund information at a glance for end users.

A Few of Our Financial Clients

Waterstone Mortgage
Cuna Mutual Group
Northwestern Mutual